The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) is incorporated as a non-profit society under A.P. (Telangana Area) Public Societies Act 1350F (Act 1 of 350F). The ICFAI Business School (IBS) is a constituent of ICFAI and is governed by the Regulations of ICFAI relating to constituent organizations. The Transworld University, USA is an approved degree-granting institution situated in the State of California, USA.

The ICFAI University has been recently established under the Chhattisgarh Niji Kshetra Vishwavidyalaya (Sthapana Aur Viniyaman) Adhiniyam, 2002 (No.2 of 2002). Consequently the ICFAI University will be confering degree at bachelor, master and doctoral levels on eligible candidates subject to University Regulations.

The CFA Program offered by ICFAI is different in design, structure, scope, content and examinations from the CFA Program offered by the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR), USA. ICFAI and AIMR are independent of each other; and there are no reciprocal arrangements. All references to the CFA Program in this site pertain to the CFA Program offered by ICFAI only.

The CPA Program offered by Society of Certified Public Accountants (SCPA) is different in design, structure, curriculum, examinations and grading from the CPA Programs offered by other CPA Institutes in other countries. SCPA , at the time of development of this site was in not associated with organizations outside India, which may be offering the CPA-type Programs in other countries. The National Institute of Certified Public Accountants (NICPA), India is a constituent of SCPA.

ICFAI Business School right the reserves to change the curriculum, course structure and the rules relating to administration, admissions, examinations, summer internship, fee structure, merit scholarships, placements and all other matters relating to all the PG Programs and Executive Education Programs. ICFAI is the owner of the trademarks, service marks, trade names like IBS, etc. All other trademarks and logos appearing in this site belong to their respective owners and are duly acknowledged as such. ICFAI Business School is not affiliated to Transworld University, USA. There is no Principal-Agent relationship between ICFAI Business School and Transworld University, USA. The content on this site uploaded by ICFAI Business School, is neither vetted nor authenticated by the authorities of Transworld University, USA and should in no way be construed as the official site of Transworld University, USA. Transworld University, USA has no office in India.

The site does not create a binding contract between ICFAI Business School and the students. The information given is an indication of the ICFAI Business School plans on the date of development of this site. Details may be modified from time to time for academic and operational reasons. The students will be governed by the latest regulations applicable to them during the relevant academic year. This site is designed to provide the prospective students with information on educational programs only. Neither the ICFAI Business School nor any third party assumes any liability of any kind to any persons for providing this information, whether or not such persons rely on it and even if they inform ICFAI Business School of their reliance on it.

The site may contain forward-looking statements like, but not limited to, regarding scope for further studies, career opportunities for graduates from ICFAI Business School. Such forward-looking statements contained herein are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those reflected in the forward-looking statements.ICFAI Business School undertakes no duty to update any forward-looking statements.

Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to ICFAI Business School is Hyderabad, India and for all disputes regarding Transworld University is San Jose, USA.

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